::: Ouça “Sente o Grave” https://bfan.link/sente-o-grave :::

::: Tayh’s an artist, director, music producer, musician, singer/songwriter and CEO of CM. As a producer Tayh has been working with artists from Brazil, the States, Spain and so on. As a director Tayh has been working with gospel, trap, pop, rappers and R&B artists.

In 2019 the artist released his first single called "Tão Bonito", and the following year he released his first album called "De Onde Vem.” The R&b song “Nós dois” was the most playing song on it, getting almost 100.000 views on YouTube.

In 2021 Tayh released 2 R&B singles “Primeiro a Mente” and “Saudade”. After that he decided to focus on his career as a music producer, he said he needed some time to evolve as a human and as an artist.

After almost a year of hiatus the artist is back in the game. He has already released three singles this year; The Trap song “Maldade”, the Acoustic Indie song “Óssea” featuring the amazing singer Marcella Montanari and the Indie Acoustic Pop song “Without You.”

Recently the artist is working on his next album called "HyaT”; planned for June 2022. As the artist himself said, it will be an album about love, betrayal, loyalty and healing.

Inspired by artists like Jhené Aiko, PartyNextDoor and Russ, Tayh’s not just a pretty face in the industry… He’s a very multi-talented artist with an amazing feeling, voice and soul. :::



  ::: MUSIC :::

::: Tayh - Tô Sempre No Corre (Lyric Video) :::

::: Tayh - Todos Os Dias (Lyric Video) :::

::: Tayh - Sigo Brilhando (Lyric Video) :::

::: Tayh - Sente o Grave (Lyric Video) :::

::: Tayh - 24/7 (Lyric Video) :::

::: Tayh - Maldade (Official Music Video) :::

::: Tayh - “Óssea” ft.Marcella Montanari (Official Music Video) :::

::: Tayh - Nós Dois :::

::: Tayh - Live at CM :::

::: Tayh - Tão Bonito (Music Video) :::