::: Ouça “Não Tem Mais Graça”
https://bfan.link/nao-tem-mais-graca :::

::: Tayh’s an artist, director, music producer, musician, singer/songwriter and CEO of CM. As a producer Tayh has been working with artists from Brazil, the States, Spain and so on. As a director Tayh has been working with gospel, trap, pop, rappers and R&B artists.

In 2019 the artist released his first single called "Tão Bonito", and the following year he released his first album called "De Onde Vem?” The R&b song “Nós Dois” was the most playing song on it, getting almost 100.000 views on YouTube.

In 2021 Tayh released 2 R&B singles “Primeiro a Mente” and “Saudade”. After that he decided to focus on his career as a music producer, he said he needed some time to evolve as a human and as an artist.

After almost a year of hiatus the artist is back in the game. He has already released three singles this year; The Trap song “Maldade”, the Acoustic Indie song “Óssea” featuring the amazing singer Marcella Montanari and the Indie Acoustic Pop song “Without You”

In May 2022, Tayh signed a contract with the record label Alma Music. Months later he released the single, 24/7, followed by his EP, Sente o Grave. The artist also released his second English song called, All I Want Is You.

Inspired by artists like Jhené Aiko, PARTYNEXTDOOR and Russ, Tayh is definitely making his way to the top. He’s a very multi-talented artist with an amazing feeling, voice and soul. Keep up with Tayh on Instagram and learn more here: www.tayhmusic.com :::



  ::: MUSIC :::

::: Tayh - Tô Sempre No Corre (Lyric Video) :::

::: Tayh - Todos Os Dias (Lyric Video) :::

::: Tayh - Sigo Brilhando (Lyric Video) :::

::: Tayh - Sente o Grave (Lyric Video) :::

::: Tayh - 24/7 (Lyric Video) :::

::: Tayh - Maldade (Official Music Video) :::

::: Tayh - “Óssea” ft.Marcella Montanari (Official Music Video) :::

::: Tayh - Nós Dois :::

::: Tayh - Live at CM :::

::: Tayh - Tão Bonito (Music Video) :::